marketing and communications

Christy Jerding

Christy Jerding has a dual role at JSL, directing both corporate marketing efforts as well as developing strategic communications and outreach strategies for our government clients.

Christy has more than 20+ years of experience in storytelling of all forms, including writing, designing, and marketing content to audiences via websites, social media, email, advertising, events, graphic design, photography, video, and more.

Along with an obvious love of crafting prose and making pretty pictures, Christy likes numbers, too, utilizing data analytics to inform marketing and communications strategies. She just completed a two-year, multifaceted comms/outreach project for DOL-Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA), which included in-person outreach events, health services promotion, education, and virtual outreach via email marketing and social media campaigns. Data crunching and extensive stakeholder engagement played large roles in this project, which started as a six-month pilot and then was expanded significantly at the request of the client.

Holding a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication and English Literature from James Madison University, Christy keeps up with her quals with current certifications from the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) and the American Marketing Association (AMA). She’s currently enrolled in DMI’s brand-new AI for Digital Marketing course.

Data scientist

James Byrd

J-Byrd is a data scientist and business intelligence SME in our Defense rapid prototyping team, where his natural curiosity, analytical mind, and ability to count large piles of toothpicks at parties are brought to bear on some of the Department’s biggest data integration problems. 

With JSL Defense, J-Byrd’s current focus involves risk quantification both in theory and application. His formulas are designed to provide interpretive and standardized risk projections that will better inform military decisions. He also develops algorithms to implement these formulas in real time for tracking risk and comparing the benefits and drawbacks of potential risk treatment options.  

His interest in data science began while taking a machine learning course through the UCLA Physics department, where he gained an appreciation for feature selection and feature engineering to achieve accurate models. He has since become intimate with common data science Python libraries, leveraging these libraries in his physics work and previous contracted work.  

As an undergraduate as UCLA, he spent countless hours tutoring physics and mathematics at both the high school and college level. His summers were spent self-teaching Python and developing a deeper understanding of vector calculus and linear algebra. Some of his current intellectual interests include stochastic processes and supervised machine learning models. 

In his free time, J-Byrd usually plays chess or studies chess theory. He has written a Python module with functionality for generating chess variation trees and has additionally worked on data analysis software for acoustics.  

solution engineer

Ryan Gray

Ryan “50 Shades Of” Gray is a senior software engineer with a diverse skillset in full-stack technologies, thirst for complex business problems to solve, and a bias for innovative approached to integrated systems design. His ability to wrangle the nerds in the nerd shop and provide clarity, focus of thought and efforts, and completion of project milestones is the cornerstone of our Defense development team. He incorporates best-in-class development, automation, analysis, and presentation methodologies and tools to ensure JSL is answering the challenging top-of-mind Department questions.

At JSL, he has played a crucial role in leading the development efforts of our rapid prototyping team and is responsible for the architecture, design, and system integration for complex platforms, like Aperture, our Global Force Management Risk Visualization and Analysis Tool. This groundbreaking platform leverages advanced analytics, machine learning, language models, and modeling is re-defining how the Department realizes the breadth and depth of risk impacts applied to a common DIME-FIL spectrum.

Before joining Jazz Solutions, Ryan was a Full Stack Developer at Asher Group and IBM Data/AI. Where he was instrumental in transforming key aspects of web applications, focusing on improving user experience and data processing efficiency. His work significantly impacted the processing and management of large datasets and the analytical business intelligence portfolios they drove.